Who touched my phone? Who unlocked tried to unlock App

Application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for user. You will see who, when and what did to your favorite device while it is not under your attention.How does it work? Open app and click the button. Then close the app and lock your device;User unlocked device or tried to do it. The application starts recording a report (photo, list of launched apps);Device screen goes out. App saves report. And so on;User tries to unlock device several times. App saves report;Browse your reports in app. Set up sync with the cloud.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The application needs device administrator rights to look out for incorrect unlock attempts. Android only detects a password or pattern as incorrect if it has at least 4 digits/characters or pattern dots.Device Administrator needs to be deactivated before app uninstall.

Download this app to secure your phone and personal data. Share your dears and nears and help them out too.