WhatsRecovery: Deleted Messages Recovery for WA

Avoid Blue Ticks and read unseen WhatsApp messages without knowing your friends. No Double Blue Ticks and No Last Seen, You can read your friends messages and chat anonymously.

Have your friend deleted whatsapp messages(image, video, voice message, music or any type of file and even status) that he sends you and you want to read it? Do you want Check deleted messages for whatsapp? You can download or save whatsapp video status as well as any other media files like videos, audios, voice notes etc.

According to latest whatsapp policy if sender deletes message or any media file from his end then it will be removed from your side and also from your gallery or Whatsapp media folder. Rescuer for whatsapp detect delete messages from WhatsApp and save WA deleted messages for everyone. You can view deleted media files for whatsapp even after they are deleted from sender side.

Download this app & enjoy it’s full features.

Try this light app to view and save whatsapp video status, Status images, voice notes and documents in managed order at oneplace. It works as Antidelete for whatsapp that allows you to save and view whatsapp deleted messages from sender side. You can backup whatsapp messages, Save WA deleted messages for everyone, save whatsapp data media files, save whatsapp video status and view or use it later on.

Whatsapp Data Saver or Rescuer app Secure whatsapp data and save them just like WatsRemove. Once you download the data or media files of whatsApp then Rescue whatsapp allows you to view WhatsApp chats or media files if sender deletes them after sending. WhatsRecovery App doesn’t allow to recover old whatsapp messages or data but it helps you to select content (images, status, videos, voice notes, audios etc)Which you want to save or create backup for whatsapp.

WhatsRecovery App also works as Blue Tick Hider to read unseen whatsapp chat privately or Whatsapp duplicates Files Cleaner or WA duplicate data remover and “whatsapp Data Saver” like Whats Remov because it allows you to avoid Whatsapp duplication. You can save your WhatsApp data in a single WatsApp Rescuer app and can view all WhatsApp media files at one place. That’s why it can be called as Whatsapp data saver app and cleaner for whatsapp.

“WhatsRecovery App” is capable to save deleted Whatsapp messages or media files but it can also work as Whatsapp video status downloader, whatsapp cleaner, Antidelete for whatsapp, whatsapp status saver, No Last seen No Double Blue Tick, Hidden chat for Whatsapp delete for everyone, whatsapp data saver, Unseen, Hide Blue Tick, whatsApp status downloader, Create whatsapp backup, Restore whatsapp old messages.

Top Features of WhatsRecovery App:

Cool UI design and easy to use.
View whatsapp deleted messages media files even after deleting from sender side.
Also works as cleaner for whatsapp by avoiding duplication.
You can download whatsapp video status easily.
View all whatsapp media files at a single place.
Save whatsapp voices notes or document files separately.
Light weighted app to secure your all whatsapp data in just one app.

How it works?

1) Open the orignal “whatsapp”.
2) Save whatsapp media files (Images, Videos, Voice Notes, Status, Audios, Documents etc).
3) To check deleted whatsapp messages or media files just open the “WhatsRecovery App” app and check them out.
4) Turn ON/OFF duplication in order to save storage.
5) Check or uncheck Tabs from settings to select which media file you want to save after deletion.

Save whatsapp status with this status saver app. Use this app to view deleted messages because it is a message recovery app. It helps to see whatsremoved and whatsdelete app

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