What those who did not buy the free kit in September should know. Distribution of white, pink and blue cards

As part of the state government’s 100-day action plan, it was decided to distribute the kit free of cost for 4 months. The free kit will be available in September, October, November and December. In the present situation, everyone thinks that such benefits of the government are a great help. The kit is distributed through ration shops.

This free kit is available to all 88 lakh cardholders in the state. In the current scenario, the card will be distributed according to the priority category and number sequence as previously distributed during lockdown and onkit. The distribution of free kits for the month of September started on September 24th. It was for the priority category card AAY Yellow Card.

However, the free number kits were distributed to them from the 24th to the 28th. Pink color BPL card holders from September 29. Let’s see how it goes. The free kit for the last number 0 on the pink BPL card will be distributed on September 29. The free kit comes with eight items. The kit contains sugar, salt, atta, sambar nuts, peas, green beans, chilli powder and coconut oil.

Holders of BPL Card Last No. 1 should purchase the kit on September 30. Distributed to the last number 2 on October 1st. Delivery will not be on October 2nd. October 3 is the last number 3, 4. Holders of ration card final numbers 5 and 6 are due on October 5. October 6, 7, 8,9 are the last number.

All Pink Color BPL Card Holders Buy Free Kit on these days. After that the distribution of free kits for blue and white ration cards will start. The distribution of free kits for blue and white ration cards will be completed by October 15, the food minister said.

Anyone with an AAY yellow card can still go to the ration shops to buy a free kit. The free kit distribution will start in October after the end of the free kit distribution in September. Try to spread this information to everyone.