Watch password – Easy & strong Touch lock screen

Display a cool Watch image on my cell phone screen and use it as a quick and simple way to unlock by touching specific positions of the watch!!
The Watch-pass can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on watch image.

– It provides an advanced level of security as both “Watch image” and “Touch position” set on the lock screen become a touch password.

– As soon as others touch the screen on the cell phone, a “warning” message pops up so no one else can unlock it.

– It safeguards my cell phone filled with confidential financial data and personal information.

Cool Watch turning into my cell phone password!!! @@

– I can also set watch image on the first screen of my cell phone to use it as both watch and screen lock. This is a genuine touch lock screen

Download this app & enjoy it’s features.

It is simply done only if I touch any position I want on the watch image of my choice. Touch lock screen compatible with any version of cell phone
– Surprisingly, this simple and powerful new security technology is compatible with low-end and old mobile phones as long as their screens are touch-aware.

– Since I can directly set the “touch password” on my favorite watch, my cell phone becomes much easier to use in addition to its decoration effect.

– There is no inconvenience of setting a separate password on my phone once I set the watch-password. This is because lock screen’s touch position itself functions as a strong password.
This first introduced “Touch password” is a patented technology using graphic authentication.