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Stay Away: Phone Addiction Controller Antisocial

What’s in it for me?
✅ App Usage Tracker: Tracks each app usage.
✅ Daily Phone Usage Tracker: Shows phone usage 📱 for whole day.
✅ Last 7 days Usage: Shows phone usage for last 7 days.
✅ Set Downtime: Set the downtime where apps will be having no access. This way you can limit your screen time & stay away from being phone addicted.
✅ Limit Apps: Set usage limit to apps like social media which you use mostly & are very addictive.
✅ Always Allow: Allow some important apps like banking, e-mail etc. even in the downtime.
✅ Widget: Want to check app usage quickly? Widget is there for you. You don’t need to open the app.

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Do you often find yourself checking out your phone 📱 while waiting for a bus, waiting at the doctor’s clinic ➕ or simply walking 🚶‍♂️ down the street?
It might seems no harmful but, spending lots of time on the screen is not healthy. It’s not just constantly using a smartphone 📱 will prevent you from being aware of what’s happening around you. More seriously, these phones are designed to be addictive. Using them for a bit like to do a payment or for fun is fine but letting your phone usage snowball can become problematic.

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