Shortcut Tool Control Floating Bar

Setting App,Tool Control
Gives you everything you need most of a phone.
One floating button on screen will control all feature of your phone.

* Usage:

1. Enable tool. you have floating button with other size and style. You can custom it on setting.
2. Click on floating button -> Open window with all you need -> time, event, weather, music, tools, favorite app, recent app…
3. Swipe from top to bottom to close the window easily.
4. Because benefit of you.Tool ask some permission on fist time use. please grant it.

Download this app & enjoy it’s full features.

* Floating Button App,Tool Control has the following functions.

– Update weather information at the user’s location
– Manage individual events and plans that take place during the day
– Fast music player management shortcut.
– Phone speed control tools keys (turn on, wifi off, flash, bluetooth, wifi hostpot, turn off screen, rotate screen, ringing tone….)
– Manage your favorite apps and tool
– Show recently used applications
– Users can easily edit the size and style of the tool.
– So home screen can not need any thing except Toolbar. Very beautiful and convenient. Suitable for people who like to use little icon outside the screen.