How to Enter Outsourced Payroll for Job Costing in QuickBooks for Contractors


If you have How To Do Job Costing In Quickbooks When You Outsource Payroll or concerns we will take the time to help you understand and help you correct any problems. Another way to parse profitability into units is to do so by lead generation or lead source. Using QuickBooks, a business can create custom fields on every customer or project to record the lead source. This allows you to analyze profitability by sales representative, sales strategy, marketing strategy and industry. Analysis of your company’s unit economics, made possible byjob costing, generates actionable information. You can use this to make data-driven decisions regarding where and how to spend your company’s money in order to generate the greatest return.

  • It is useful for showing you how to start with the gross payroll and reduce it down to the net.
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  • By examining your Chart of Accounts and ensuring that every payroll liability account has the proper balance of zero is one technique to ensure that your work is correct.

Allocating direct labor and material costs efficiently, thoroughly and consistently provides transparency into all of your expenses. Job costing also allows you to see how much each of your clients, services or jobs really costs. We provide outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses in Plano, TX and across the USA. Virtual accounting means that we aren’t constrained to businesses in North Dallas. If youarelocal to the Plano/Frisco/McKinney area, we’re happy to meet with you in person or virtually.

What are some common applications that work with payroll software and services?

There are also a number of accounts especially in QBO that you should never use and should never appear on a financial statement. Unfortunately, you cannot simply connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks and have everything automated. A business with several locations or regions, would then look at profitability by location, starting with each customer and then by looking at all of the customers from each location. The company can then analyze profitability by departments and as a whole company . The second way to allocate time is to estimate how your employees spend the day.


For example, you could estimate that an employee spends 20% of his or her time on marketing, 30% on sales, 40% on services and 10% on products. First, you must identify which of your costs to categorize as direct and which to categorize as indirect. Basically, if you need the material or labor in order to deliver a service or make a product, then it is a direct cost. Use the easy grid-timecard entry to enter time for the entire jobsite. Our process accurately tracks payment activity, and we diligently follow up on any late payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will want to use this method if you don’t have more than 5-10 employees and you’ve previously used the payroll system in QuickBooks to process payroll. This technique does not work once you enter the time and write the check to the account for one or more employees. This is weird because my payroll serving “bank” account is, of course, $0.00. Please also note upon seeing this I immediately went back and checked entries to make sure payroll “check” assigned customers, etc.

How do I turn on job costing?

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Cost Centres > Create.
  2. Enter the Name of the cost centre.
  3. Select Primary or the required cost centre in the field Under.
  4. Set the option Use for Job Costing to Yes.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Press Enter to save the cost centre.