Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) App

Hide Screen is a simple and easy tool that Hide Screen (Lock Screen) and Save battery.when you need “Hide Screen” or “Screen guard”,such as playing game in autoplay mode or keeping screen ON for downloads.

It’s a simple, easy to use app. It kinda fakes looking turned off, so that if a parent takes the phone away (and hides it) , they will think it’s turned off. But if you put your notifications on, you can hear your phone chime. Really useful app to find the hiding spot for my phone. Anyway, other than that it hides your screen, and you easily double tap it to go back to the original screen.

Download this app.Very nice app. Very useful. The apps actually runs in background without any interruption, wheather it is game, video, or music .That makes it extremely usefull in many purposes. Nice concept.