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Don’t stop there however – explore the opportunity you or a loved has at a Chicago sober living facilitity sober living blog like Stairway to Freedom. If you need more guidance on your journey to recovery, we are here to help.

  • Fentanyl works fast and eliminates an individual’s perception of pain.
  • I am an alcoholic in recovery, sharing my story with those who may be interested.
  • If you’re looking for sober activities for July 4th, you’ve come to the right place!
  • When I first got sober I was still active on Myspace.

As you are pondering joining our recovery family, it is important to understand our treatment modality here at Real Recovery. Through the beginning of this process, you may have to adapt to new practices, which may feel unusual at first…. The first day of January is a holiday full of celebration and setting goals. The new year portrays a fresh start that encourages many individuals to set new goals and make changes to better themselves.

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She also founded the Hip Sobriety School, which has recently changed its name to The Tempest. The school offers weekly videos and coaching sessions and can be the perfect complement to the 12-Step program or therapies you are currently part of. Now it’s the summer of 2020 and I’m finally getting started. Nothing like a global pandemic to finally kick my ass into gear. What does a middle-class white girl with no college education have to offer on the topics of recovery and sobriety? I only have my own personal experiences tossed in with all of the books and websites and movies and podcasts I’ve read, watched, and listened to over the years. Over 20 million people suffer from a substance disorder in the United States.

Her posts teach readers things like how to build a sobriety tool box and offer real-life advice on the daily challenges of sober living. For women wanting more help quitting drinking, Kate offers a 6-week online coaching program that teaches a step-by-step formula to change your relationship with alcohol for good. Join our newsletter to be part of a community of people with shared experiences.

The Role of Relationship Building In Addiction Recovery

These individuals may be close members of your support system or someone you admire from afar. Either way, the individual or individuals that come…

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Real Recovery is Florida’s top-rated 12-step-based sober living for men community, dedicated to long-term sobriety success. This is my blog about getting sober and the wonders of alcohol free living. The Sober School helps women who want to quit drinking or take a break from booze. The Sober Curator is an online resource guide for those seeking content related to alcohol-free & drug-free lifestyles.