Dial Lock – Call Locker App

“Dial lock” is a unique app, the only app in the market which prevents dialing while using your phone.“Dial Lock” locks dialing while keeping all other functions running, user can play games, chat, VOIP,….. ext, but can’t dial.No more kids calls, pocket or random dials With “Dial Lock” you can leave your phone securely with your kids( or anyone else).

“Dial Locker” saves your money, and prevents embarrassing situations.No one will be able to make calls from your phone without your permission.
You can use it to avoid dialing while playing games, chat, using Viber, Skype……Very user-friendly app locks and unlocks your phone dialing.
Simply and easily locks dialing to prevent any unmerited calls.You can lock or unlock your dialing throw the application itself, a widget or simply dialing the fats cods.All application features can be password protected

Download this app now.Highly customizable application, you can customize almost everything.”Dial Locker” is the best way to let your kids, friends, colleagues, or anyone else uses your phone with no risk of unpermitted calls or extra charges.