Custom Notch Design

Custom Notch Design is best app that provides option to create and add custom notch to your android phone.

With Custom Notch Design app you can redesign your Smartphone display and make it attractive.

Custom Notch Design app provides lots of in-built notch design. You can use this in-built notch to make your phones screen look more attractive.

Custom Notch Design app help you create custom notch for your Smartphone screen. You can use your own imagination to create your favourite object as notch and use this custom notch to look your Smartphone more vibrant.
Custom Notch Design app is best app for superheroes lovers who want to add their favourite superheroes logo as Smartphone notch. With Custom Notch Design app you can add your favourite superheroes logo as your Smartphone notch in easy and fun way.

Download this app & enjoy it’s features.

Key Features :

• This App is Free Forever
• Simple and very easy to use
• Numbers of in-built notch to choose
• Create custom notch as per your need
• Use Superheroes notch in your Smartphone
• Resize Notch as per your need
• Battery Consumption is very less


This App use system overlay to show notch design and because of that, it shows an always running in notification.