Calendar Vault – Photo Video Audio Locker

* Hide Pictures: Easily hide pictures to our vault from your gallery with private photo locker.

* Hide Videos: Easily hide your private media to our vault lock from your gallery with private
video locker.

* Video Player: Inbuilt Video player to watch videos inside video Vault

* Audio Player: Inbuilt Audio player to listion audio inside audio Vault

* Photo Viewer: Super Inbuilt photo viewer to watch photo inside photo Vault

Special Features : –

— App Disappears from recent apps list.
— Protects Calendar Lock from being uninstalled by kids , old men, strangers.
— Easy file management system. (Edit, Move, Rename, Hide Unhide Create Folders etc…)
— Direct Hide files from gallery by share option. Share to Vault from your gallery to Instant
hide multiple photos, multiple videos, multiple audios and multiple files.
— Keep files in a safe calendar vault from all public
— Reset password for your secret calendar

Download this app & enjoy it’s full features.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before restoring your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever…

This app uses the Device Administrator Permission.

Clock Vault needs Device Administrator Permission to prevent it from being uninstalled by snoopers & this app never use this permission except for uninstall prevention.

This app uses Accessibility services.

Timer Vault need Accessibility services Permission for power saver & help users with disabilities to unlock apps.

– BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: Only used to lock device screen and turn off the screen of your
– CAMERA: To turn on Flashlight and shortcut to snap photos.
– ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Use your current location to give you exact weather report.
– BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: It is convenient to get update notifications.