Audio Manager Pro Gallery Vault: Hide photo-videos


•Photos & videos protection: hidden files can only be accessed with the correct password.

•Secrate lock: hide your files behind audio manager pro secret lock and open vault by entering the correct passcode

•Share hidden files: you can also share hidden files from the vault with security.

•Fake passcode: Fake passcode will display empty vault.

•Uninstall Protection: Use to prevent accidental uninstall.

•Email Recovery For Forgot Passcode: Forgot passcode can be recovered by email.
The passcode will be sent to registered email to this app.

•Passcode Recovery: In case of forgot passcode you can recover it by Entering correct Security Question/Answer and Also Can be recovered by Email Recovery.

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Advance Features:

Audio Manager Pro Gallery Vault: is a Private Photo Lock App, Video Lock App
photo hider app that lets you hide pictures/videos.
Hide your Photos/Videos behind Secret App its look like Simple “AudioManager”.
With this GalleryVault, your privacy is well protected and secure.